People are wrong about fairytales

   there seems to be some on-going movement about how fairytales are “full of shit”. apparently they potray misconceptions about perfect lives and blissfully sweet realtionships. have any of you actually read the original Grimm’s or Anderson’s fairytales? they are full of twisted concepts, vengence, injustice, failure, and struggle. not just handsome princes (which, by the way, they rarely say the prince is handsome). fairytales are indeed made up stories full of complete impossibilities, but they are not all romance and happiness. the “Happy” acpect was created by disney and other childeren’s film companies to tell the stories in a way that was accessable to small childeren. i personally give disney alot of credit for taking such vague stories and giving them a way to become icons of society in a way that at  the time had not been precidented. yes, these movies show love in an unrealistic simplicity, but what 4 year old wants to sit through an hour of girls crying and princes being assholes? cartoons are  for entertainment, not to show kids how to love.

   as for all this crap about fairytales being too happy, here are some of the original Grimm and Anderson fairytale points:

Cinderella: we meet cinderella as her dying mother bids her to always be kind and obeydiant. After the marriage of her father and stepmother she lives in misery for most of her youth and teenage years. The prince does fall in love with her, but the sisters cut off parts of thier feet to try to fit into the glass slippers (oh so cheerful and romantic!) in the end the stepmother and step sisters are blinded for thier wickedness.

Rapunzel: Rapunzel gets knocked up by the prince, the prince gets blinded by the witch, rapunzel is sent away to a desert where she gives brith to twins, they live in the desert for a long time until the blind prince finds her.

Snow White: how would you feel if your stepmother asks for your heart in a box? it’s ok though, at the end of the book Prince Charming has cast iron shoes made for the evil queen. after setting them in fire until they are white hot he forces snow white’s step mother to wear them and dance until she dies from the pain. again, clearly this is too romantic for words.

The Little Mermaid: She is given the choice between killing the prince’s bride (whom he loves) or dying. she choses death because she wants him to be happy. nope, this princess did NOT get her man.

now some people are up in arms about how disney watered down these stories and it’s a rip off and blah blah blah. but disney makes CHILDEREN’S CARTOONS there is a damn good reason they couldnt put alot of this stuff in! they wanted to make fairytales not only accessable to kids but also entertaining and enjoyable. and in my opinion Disney did an incredible job, that’s why thier version of these stories are the most popular. Disney has made a ffew movies without perfect endings (Pocahantas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, exct.) but these movies never gained as much popularity because believe it or not, kids like happy endings. our world is a screwed up place, but i believe that every once in a while it’s nice to see things work out. I love the original fairytales, but i have no qualms with Disney either.

P.S, Hunchback of Notre Dame and Pocahantas are actually my favorite Disney movies